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Monitoring Services

At InstantSupportSite.com, we take a proactive approach to supporting our clients’ systems


We are able to watch devices on your network 24/7 through our monitoring services. By understanding what is occurring in the background of your network, we’re able to address issues before they spiral into major difficulties for your company.


How do we monitor your systems?
We install one of our monitoring systems onto your VMWare environment, or we place a standalone monitor onto your network. Then we configure the monitor to grab any information it can from each device being tracked. When a device has an issue, it alerts us by email; we can then view the event and address it as needed. If a severe event occurs – such as a server outage or a website that goes down – we are notified on our cell phones, and we address the issue immediately.


How is this beneficial to you?
Our monitoring service provides an in-depth history of your devices. We can forecast when it’s time to upgrade a server, and we can trend issues. You will never walk into your office on a Monday morning and find that all of your systems are down. The moment an issue occurs, we are able to address it. Around the clock.


I am interested, but how much does it cost?
We charge only $25/month per device. For example, if you’d like us to monitor two servers and a router, you would be charged $75/month. Many of our competitors charge $150-$250/month per device for the same service, using the same monitoring software that we employ.


Why do you charge so little for the service?
By charging less, we in turn create more opportunities for ourselves when our satisfied clients refer us to other businesses.

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