How to Manage Your Website

Maintenance Plan

After your website is done, you will need to make sure it stays up and running. You should have a website maintenance plan in place that includes things like backups, updates, and security measures. We brought experts that discuss the many aspects of maintaining your website after it’s finished being built. It also offers advice on how to keep your site active without spending too much time or money.

The first thing you should do with your website is back it up regularly.

You can ship a backup offsite to an external service or store them on offline media such as DVDs, hard drives, and USBs.

Website Maintenance Plan

The next thing you will want to have in place is an update schedule.

If you are using WordPress for example, the update process may be automatic so make sure that option is turned on if this is what you choose to use. You can also keep track of updates manually by checking for new versions through a plugin like WP Updates Notifier . If there’s ever been any viruses found within your site content, security measures need to become part of your routine maintenance plan too. There are plenty of different types of malware out there, so it’s important to be proactive about protecting your site against them.

There are plenty of great resources for website maintenance online that can help you stay organized and informed with all this information. One resource is the “six pack” membership service at WPMUDEV . They provide courses on building websites as well as maintaining them after they’ve been completed. This blog post provides many more details about keeping your website up and running smoothly by following a maintenance plan after it has been built. It also gives advice on how often backups should be done along with offering ideas for an update schedule and security measures you may want to take within your site content or features like WordPress plugins or themes.